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Analysis of the failure of the silicone seal ring


Silicone Seal ring is widely used in the sealing field due to its superior elasticity and compressive properties, which can effectively prevent the leakage of media;It is because it is very widely used, so it is used in the scene, the use of the environment are diversity and uncertainty, these are the important reasons that lead to the failure of silica gel sealing ring will often occur, cracking is an important phenomenon of failure, cracking accounted for more than 80% of the number of defects;So what are the probable causes of silicone seal cracking?The following is a brief introduction.

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Silica gel seal overload: each material and product has its own safety load, silica gel seal is not an exception;For example, the rated load of silica gel ring is 10N force, while the working environment has 20N force, which is easy to produce cracking phenomenon under the circumstance of overload.Therefore, when designing the product, we must refer to relevant materials to see how much the load of the product is and whether the product is in overload operation. Generally, it is relatively safe not to exceed 90% of the load of the product.

Aging of silicone sealing ring materials: in many cases, aging of materials is also an important reason for cracking. Each material has its own longevity.The products will become hard and brittle after aging, and then the cracks will occur due to stress gathering. Therefore, the silicone seal ring on the mechanical products should be replaced timely before aging and cracking to prevent safety accidents caused by the cracking of the rubber ring.

Corrosion of the silicone seal ring: it is easy to understand the cracking of the product after corrosion. For example, the raw material of the silicone seal ring is oil-resistant. If the silicone seal ring is placed in an oil-containing environment for a long time, it is easy to be corroded and cracked;As long as the fluorine glue sealing ring has corrosion resistance characteristics, so in the product selection of raw materials need to understand the characteristics of raw materials and environmental media, as long as the raw materials and the use of media when the product can play its greatest role.

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